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En avant les Mousses Cousteau du College Jacques Yves Cousteau de Rognac!

Let’s go ! Young sailors of the Jacques Yves Cousteau ...

The young sailors, with the help of their teacher, prepared a wonderful slideshow covering the life of Captain Cousteau. Very moved by the sincere ...

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ALCYONE : Nettoyage de Printemps 2016

ALCYONE : Spring clean

Sheltered in the Port of Caen- in Normandy – the Alcyone has been cleaned to perfection after an eventful winter.

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A species that we have been trying to protect for the past 20 years , the vaquita is disappearing before our very eyes. They have gone  from 570 in ...

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Journal de bord de Calypso: L’interview avec Tarik Chekchak, Directeur Science et Environnement

Calypso Log: Interview with Tarik Chekchak, Director for ...

Tarik CHEKCHAK joined the Cousteau Society in 2003. As the Director of Science and Environment, he is responsible for developing integrated and ...

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L’histoire du déchargement de Calypso et de ses containers au terminal DP World à IZMIT

Calypso’s offload at the DP World terminal of Izmit ...

Calypso’s offload at the DP World terminal of Izmit Port – Turkey

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Petit voyage de Calypso dans la mer de Marmara

Calypso Log: Short journey in the sea of Marmara

Calypso just left the DP World terminal to sail to Aykin, its new shipyard. Safe on her metallic cradle, which is tied to the barge, she is towed by ...

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Journal de Bord de Calypso: l’interview d’Yves Omer, plongeur et cameramen de l’Équipe Cousteau

Calypso Log: Interview with Yves Omer, a former Cousteau ...

In 1964, Yves Omer is selected to be part of the Captain Cousteau dive team and begins an extraordinary adventure devoted to the sea world. ...

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Journal de Bord de Calypso: Le Commandant Patrice Quesnel écrit de Turquie!

Calypso Log: the Captain Patrice Quesnel writes from ...

Friday, March 25 Patrice Quesnel writes from Turkey ” 3:30pm: The Abis Dusavik carrying Calypso comes slowly along the dock DP World, which is ...

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