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Happy Thanksgiving from Cousteau

Happy Thanksgiving from Cousteau

Our captain, Jacques-Yves Cousteau would be so proud of where we are today. Hislasting legacy is still being carried on until this day and we have ...

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Les poisons utilisent leur nez pour rentrer à la maison


Fish use their senses to swim home

Fast ocean currents carry most baby fish , called larvae , away from a reef right after birth . Some are happy to live wherever the currents take ...

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Les poissons-perroquets magiciens du récif

Parrotfish: Magicians of the Reef

Picture it :Nighttime on the reef. A queen parrotfish sleeps Inside a crack in the coral. A Strange ,clear , gooey blod surrounds its motionless ...

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Les méduses étonnantes peuvent vieillir à l'envers

Amazing jellyfish can age backwards

A Chinese scientist has discovered that a type of jellyfish can come back to life after it dies.The discovery was made by Jinru He, a student in ...

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Quel taille les homards peuvent-ils atteindre ?

How big do lobsters get ?

According to the Guinness world records , the heaviest lobster ever caught weighed 44 pounds and 6 ounces . ( Some of the first graders in your ...

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Pourquoi les poissons n’ont-ils pas de paupières ?

Why don’t fish have eyelids ?

Most fishes don’t have eyelids , and that’s because they really don’t need them . Eyelids help moisten eyes , so they don’t dry out . Eyelids ...

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Dauphin à la rescousse

Dolphin saves the day !

On march 12 , 2008 , Moko ,a friendly bottlenosed dolphin that lives off the coast of new zealand , guided two trapped whales to safety . Rescue ...

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Les requins pondent-ils des oeufs ?

Do sharks lay eggs or give birth ?

Only a few sharks, like cat sharks, lay eggs. But look out! A whole bunch of sharks give birth to live baby sharks, called pups. Mako sharks, bull ...

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