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Quel taille les homards peuvent-ils atteindre ?

How big do lobsters get ?

According to the Guinness world records , the heaviest lobster ever caught weighed 44 pounds and 6 ounces . ( Some of the first graders in your ...

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Pourquoi les poissons n’ont-ils pas de paupières ?

Why don’t fish have eyelids ?

Most fishes don’t have eyelids , and that’s because they really don’t need them . Eyelids help moisten eyes , so they don’t dry out . Eyelids ...

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Dauphin à la rescousse

Dolphin saves the day !

On march 12 , 2008 , Moko ,a friendly bottlenosed dolphin that lives off the coast of new zealand , guided two trapped whales to safety . Rescue ...

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Les requins pondent-ils des oeufs ?

Do sharks lay eggs or give birth ?

Only a few sharks, like cat sharks, lay eggs. But look out! A whole bunch of sharks give birth to live baby sharks, called pups. Mako sharks, bull ...

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Blanchissement : Pourquoi les coraux perdent-ils leurs couleurs ?

White out : Why corals lose their color

Corals have a very special relationship with yellow-brown algae called zooxanthellae (zoh-uh-zan-THEL-lee). The algae live inside the corals and get ...

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Le Blobfish


Some people call the blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) the ugliest fish in the ocean . It has a really big nose and a frowny face . Plus , its entire ...

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Îles disparues: qu'advient-il de leurs nations et de leurs peuples?

Disappearing Islands: The fate of their Nations and ...

Disappearing Islands: What Happens To Their Nations and People? An article by Riad Meddeb, Sustainable Development Policy Advisor for the United ...

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C'était Octave Léandri, technicien indispensable de l'Equipe Cousteau

Remembering Octave Léandri, fundamental Cousteau Team ...

By Franck Machu. Octave Leandri, affectionately named Titi, joined the Calypso team on August 31, 1951, as she was getting prepared for her first ...

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