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Danube II : Charlemagne’s Dream
Danube II : Charlemagne’s Dream

Danube II : Charlemagne’s Dream

The Cousteau Weekend series is back for a third installment, the #CousteauDanubeWeekends. In this series, we follow the Cousteau team on four exciting adventures on the second longest river in Europe. From its source in the Black Forest to its Delta in the Black Sea, from magnificent valleys to historical wrecks, the Cousteau Danube series takes us on a historical voyage in the depths of Europe.

Where does it come from? Where is it running to? Born to an unknown mother the Danube rushes to lose itself in the black sea in the embrace of it’s three youngest children the Celina, the sheria and the St Georges. In the meantime it flows all along, carrying the History of Europe and its pageant of customs…

The Danube in spate hurls itself forward like a cataclysm that no dam could restrain. But, what is this river that Charlemagne dreamed could be connected to the Rhine as a passage between the North and the Black Seas.

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