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Symbiose dans la mer


Symbiosis in the Sea

The ocean is full of surprises and danger, so it’s a pretty good idea to team up with another sea creature, especially if it’s bigger and badder. ...

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Le Blobfish



Some people call the blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) the ugliest fish in the ocean . It has a really big nose and a frowny face . Plus , its entire ...

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Pourquoi les poissons n’ont-ils pas de paupières ?


Why don’t fish have eyelids ?

Most fishes don’t have eyelids , and that’s because they really don’t need them . Eyelids help moisten eyes , so they don’t dry out . Eyelids ...

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Les poissons-perroquets magiciens du récif


Parrotfish: Magicians of the Reef

Picture it :Nighttime on the reef. A queen parrotfish sleeps Inside a crack in the coral. A Strange ,clear , gooey blod surrounds its motionless ...

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Les requins pondent-ils des oeufs ?


Do sharks lay eggs or give birth ?

Only a few sharks, like cat sharks, lay eggs. But look out! A whole bunch of sharks give birth to live baby sharks, called pups. Mako sharks, bull ...

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