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> Calypso Log: the Captain Patrice Quesnel writes from Turkey!


Calypso Log: the Captain Patrice Quesnel writes from Turkey!

Calypso Log: the Captain Patrice Quesnel writes from Turkey!

Friday, March 25

Patrice Quesnel writes from Turkey

” 3:30pm: The Abis Dusavik carrying Calypso comes slowly along the dock DP World, which is managed by the container port, Yarimca.

We are in an absolutely surreal environment. Here is a huge container terminal, ultra modern (among the 3 most moderns in the world) with huge cranes that reduce Abis Dusavik to a size of a small trawler!

The paradox is that this terminal should be crawling with dockers, road machinery, mobile cranes but actually is a very quiet port.
All equipments are here: gantry cranes, handling equipment, trailers and security vehicles.

But all people who work at the construction site are out for the arrival of Calypso!
In these giant sets displaced as rubik’s cubes from the office by remote control… It’s my happiness and pride to see that the deployment of equipment and men are only here tonight to serve Calypso, this old lady of 74 years!

All expressed their happiness to welcome our ship, a common heritage to mankind. Everyone sows the emotion and joy today, here in Turkey, as yesterday in Concarneau and around the world on Facebook.

The CEO who received us, said in her welcoming speech that the presence of this legendary vessel was also a destiny markpoint to start this new “container port”.

Our team and the Turkish team will lead the project while we get to know each other and to share the happiness of rebuilding together the most beautiful symbol of the Seas and the Ocean.

The memory of the Captain is present in the heart of all. “

Help us protect the oceans!