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> Calypso Logbook January 11, 2016
Calypso Logbook January 11, 2016

Calypso Logbook January 11, 2016

Last Thursday and Friday, the Captain Patrice Quesnel, coordinator of Calypso recovery program, was in Britain (France) to meet different companies that might collaborate.

In the Concarneau, Mr. Quesnel met the Port Commander Mr. Christian ORVOEN to discuss the port technical conditions to entry and exit ships of 100 meters and whom may be responsible to transport Calypso.

He met the Director of Naval Service Piriou to evaluate how to get the hangars closer to the ship to set it over the centipede, a 200 wheels gear that had already been used to enter Calypso.

He was able to discuss with Volvo Marine, which keeps the new engines for Calypso since 2009, the transport arrangements for these engines. Other topics were discussed such as the security of the hull on its cradle and on the freighter.

At Brest, he was with Mr Yan Mauffret, boss of the Guip site, where they could considere the necessary interventions.

Patrice Quesnel also gave several interviews to the media, the long-awaited announcement of the rescue had triggered a flood of enthusiastic reactions worldwide.


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