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> Cousteau Petition for Whales – Wanted Alive !
Cousteau Petition for Whales – Wanted Alive !

Cousteau Petition for Whales – Wanted Alive !

Twenty-five years ago, under strong international pressure, in which Jacques Cousteau was a key leader, the International Whaling Commission enacted a moratorium on international commercial whaling. But using the justification of local traditions or supposed scientific goals, Japan, Norway and Iceland bypassed the rule and just slaughtered 25,000 giants of the sea.

We, the Cousteau Society, can attest that none of these countries, who are among the richest countries in the world, need 25,000 whales to feed their people or do research for science! Japan reportedly has a stockpile of 4,000 TONS of whale meat, and scientist after scientist has demonstrated that there are no data needed for cetacean management that cannot be collected by non-lethal means. In the meantime whales keep disappearing from our oceans.

Whales have no voice in world politics. They just suffer and die while nations play power games!
WE NEED YOU, your children and grandchildren, your neighbors and all your friends.

Sign our petition now!

In 2010, the centenary of Jacques Cousteau’s birth, we want his wish to be respected, supported and fulfilled: “let “us” protect nature, stick to the moratorium and extend it to 50 years!”

Help us protect the oceans!