Calypso reached the Moros dock this morning

The cargo ship responsible for Calypso’s transport, reached the Moros dock this morning

This will be the most spectacular step.

  • The cargo ship responsible for transport reached the Moros dock.
  • It measures 115 meters long, which is the maximum length allowed in Concarneau harbor.
  • It is equipped with 2 gantries (large cranes) of 150 tonnes each. These will be equipped with 2 larger spacers to protect the Calypso’s hull.
  • Each crane is connected to the cradle by 2 rings.
  • This operation is extremely technical, because the length of the entire vessel with its cradle is larger than the space between the cranes (36m.). The process will therefore require very precisely coordinated action by both of the cranes.
  • Calypso will then be placed in the hold of the cargo where it will be secured for the crossing.
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