Danger in the deep sea

It’s mind boggling to think about how deeply connected each one of us is to the deepest parts of the ocean. Even if we live super far away!

Just like you need a healthy environment — clean air to breathe, safe food to eat, and water to drink — so do the animals that live in the deep sea.

Sadly, their environment is threatened. A lot of oil, gas, and minerals are drilled from the earth under the water. There is potential for great harm to the marine life as a result. And overfishing and destructive fishing is taking a huge toll. Big trawlers smash coral as they attempt to scoop up fish and shellfish to sell. Another big problem is global warming, and warmer seas are not good for cold water fish.

Scientists are studying how sea animals are doing under these threats. They make reports that show that drilling, mining, overfishing and global warming are dangerous. Then people called advocates urge bad practices to stop. People are listening!

I know how much you care about marine life — after all, you’re a cool Cousteau kid! So please cut out the list on the next page, tape it to your fridge, check off as many as you can, and help save our deep seas.

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