Saving and protecting marine life for present and future generations since 1973

The Cousteau Society has been exploring the seas, establishing protected areas for endangered species and advocating for the silent world which cannot advocate for itself, since 1973.

Project hermes



Vaquita Conservation in Mexico

UNESCO/Cousteau Ecotechnie Program

Restore Rapa Nui

Mission Red sea

Cousteau Divers

Help us bring the Calypso back

The Cousteau Society is restoring the iconic Calypso so that it can once again take to the seas as an ambassador of the oceans and be part of new expeditions around the world.

Preserving Jacques Cousteau's legacy

Cousteau understood, before others did, how critical our Water Planet is to our survival. And he dedicated his life to learning about what lay beneath the sea… creatures, plants, entire ecosystems, all of the hidden treasures whose life cycles impact our own.

Join the Cousteau Society

Since 1973, the Cousteau Society has been exploring the ocean, educating the public on the importance of ocean conservation, and advocating for the silent world that cannot speak for itself.  

This year, we celebrate the Cousteau Society’s 50th anniversary and invite you to join us as we continue working to protect our oceans and marine species.