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Cousteau Society founder Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau believed that the future rests in the hands of young people. By capturing children’s interest in the undersea world at an early age, we inspire them to continue learning about it — and about how to care for our precious Water Planet — throughout their lives.

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For thirty years The Cousteau Society has published the award-winning magazine Cousteau Kids for children up to 12 years of age. Cousteau Kids introduces young readers to life in and around the sea by featuring fascinating marine creatures as well as exciting Cousteau work! In every issue, kids can explore nature and science around the world.

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Sounds of the Sea

You might think that the ocean is a pretty peaceful place beneath its surface, but that’s far from the truth. Captain Cousteau knew firsthand just how noisy the ocean...

Sea bunnies

QUICK FACTS: Lifespan: A few months to a year. Group: Nudibranch (sea slugs) Found: In places like the Philippines, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Australia Colors: Usually yellow or orange...

Immortal Jellyfish

  What if a white-haired, stooped over, 100-year old man could turn himself back into a child? Then, the child grows up into an old man, and AGAIN turns...

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