Some people call the blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) the ugliest fish in the ocean . It has a really big nose and a frowny face . Plus , its entire body is made up of a Jelly-like goo . The blobfish may not be the best-looking fish , but it sure is special . Its blobby body helps it live very deep in the ocean . Its goo is lighter than water , so it can always float . The blobfish loses its blobby shape when it is taken out of the water . A blobfish has no muscles , so it can’t swim around in search of food . It just eats whatever floats by its mouth . Blobfish themselves are inedible , so you won’t ever find bish on your own dinner plate . But a lot them are accidentally caught in huge nets used to trap lobsters . So many blobfish are caught that scientists think the fish could become endangered very soon . Female blobfish keep each other company while they Watch over their eggs . A blobfish can lay thousands of eggs at one time . Each blobfish makes a nest for its heap of eggs and then hovers over it until they hatch . Sometimes a blobfish a blobfish sits right on top of the eggs . If an egg happens to float away from the nest , it gets eaten by its own mom .This website is by website that allows you to play pokie games for free

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