Cousteau's Calypso II

Calypso II

Fifty years of experience with Calypso and Alcyone enabled Captain Cousteau to define a list of specific tasks for Calypso II. The ship itself is conceived as a laboratory for non-polluting technology.

Innovations include the shape of its hull as well as the combination diesel-Turbosail propulsion system, navigation equipment and computerized monitoring networks. Calypso II will be spacious enough to house scientific laboratories and exploration systems (observation chamber aft, helicopter, autonomous submersible, seaplane)..

An environmental observatory

Calypso fascinated generations of children who all, at one time or another, dreamed of joining a Cousteau expedition. This dream will become a reality with Calypso II, in its role as an environmental observatory. On board, satellite transmission to the Internet will let people follow expeditions directly. Because Calypso’s mission is not finished, we still need an effective and efficient tool for observing and protecting the Earth.

Through your contributions and membership, you can participate in this great new Cousteau adventure.

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