Thank you for taking the cousteau Challenge!

Thank you for joining us in the first-ever Cousteau Challenge to celebrate Cousteau Day and World Oceans Month! By accepting this month-long plastic elimination and ocean-mindfulness challenge, each participating individual: 

  1. Reduced the amount of disposable plastic waste you generate, helping to divert plastic waste from landfills and protect marine life from the harmful impacts of ocean plastic. 
  2. Protected your health by limiting exposure to harmful chemicals found in disposable plastic products and decreased the number of microplastics you may have consumed by eating with disposable plastic utensils, drinking out of disposable plastic cups & beverage bottles, etc. 
  3. Shrunk your carbon footprint by eliminating the carbon emissions needed to create and dispose of disposable plastic items. 
  4. inspired countless others to be more ocean-minded and make conscious daily choices to preserve our Water Planet for present and future generations.

Congratulations on Completing the Cousteau Challenge!

Download the Cousteau Challenge Participation Certificate Below: