Cousteau Ocean Festival: Celebrating the Ocean

The Ocean is a gift of nature that needs to be appreciated. We all need a healthy ocean and must fight to protect it and safeguard future generations. In short, the Ocean is our future.
To celebrate the Ocean this year, we will be running a four-day Cousteau Ocean festival to mark Oceans Day and Cousteau Day.

It is an opportunity for us to remember the beauty of the Ocean and its importance to our well-being. Indeed, as we all live on this water planet, we are responsible for its care.
Each day from 8 June (World Oceans Day) to 11 June (Cousteau Day), we will focus on essential aspects of the Ocean’s importance through expeditions, films, images, infographics, and meaningful discussions about the Ocean.
We are starting with today’s theme: One Ocean. Here, we recognize the beauty and diversity of life in the Ocean.

Next, on Thursday 9 June, we will focus on the climate with the theme One climate. Indeed, the Ocean is at the center of climate change and climate talks. So, we will look at the Ocean’s role in our climate and the impacts of climate change on the Ocean.

Friday, we will be looking ahead to our future, shifting our focus to the younger generations. Today’s youth are more aware of their environment than ever before in History. We will look at the role the younger generations will play in the future of the Ocean with the theme One Future.

And finally, on Saturday 11 June, we will celebrate Cousteau Day, dedicated to those who fight to preserve our planet for current and future generations, with the theme One Life. Although we all have only one life on this planet, there is a lot that we can do or have already done to improve it. We will look at Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s amazing life through his own eyes and in his own words, as well as sharing testimonies from you, members of the public, and custodians of the Ocean. A celebration of our oneness.

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