Cousteau Weekend, Calypso Adventure: Episode 3, Calypso’s search for Atlantis 2

The Cousteau Weekends are back for 2019. 

Every weekend until March 8, 2019 we will upload a Cousteau documentary that will be available for free for all during one week. This new collection of Cousteau classic movies is centered around Calypso’s adventure across the world. We have therefore specially chosen 8 episodes for you which best illustrate the adventure the Cousteau Team aboard their legendary boat: the Calypso.

Last week you joined us for part one of “Calypso’s Search for Atlantis”.

Although Plato first revealed its existence, is it a reality or fiction, or is it the obscure memory of a a real but distant event distorted by human imagination. Calypso is anchored on the island of Pseira a few miles north of the eastern region of Crete. Cousteau is looking for clues that can support or contradict the theories according to which Atlantis and the Minoan civilization are one.