Cousteau Weekend: The Danube complete series

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Jacques-Yves Cousteau on Calypso ©COUSTEAU


This week we bring you all four episodes of the #CousteauWeekend Danube Expedition series as we follow the Cousteau Team on their exploration of Europe’s second longest river The Danube. From its source in the Black Forest to its delta in the Black Sea, a European adventure awaits.

Danube 1: The Curtain Rises 

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, his daughter Diane and the Cousteau Team set about on their Danube expedition, exploring magnificent valleys and historic shipwrecks. the Cousteau Danube series takes us on a historic stroll through the heart of Europe.

Danube 2: Charlemagne’s Dream

We continue our journey with the Cousteau Team exploring magnificent valleys and historic shipwrecks.

Danube 3: Inundations of the River

From shipwrecks to celebrations, this mighty river still has many more secrets for the Cousteau Team to discover.

Danube 4:  Rivalries Overflow

From celebrations to dives into frozen lakes, Captain Jacques Cousteau and the Cousteau Team end their two-month-long journey on the Danube.

To go with these films on the Danube we have also been sharing our Infographics on the state of the Black Sea made in collaboration with EMBLAS Project.

The infographics are a way to showcase the huge amount of research data while making it digestible to the general public.

Biodiversity of the Black Sea

You can view the infographics here:

COUSTEAU X EMBLAS Project Infographics: Biodiversity Of The Black Sea

COUSTEAU X EMBLAS Project Infographics: Chemical Pollution Of The Black Sea

COUSTEAU EMBLAS Project Infographics: Anoxic Layer Of The Black Sea

COUSTEAU x EMBLAS Project Infographics: The Black Sea at a Glance

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