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COUSTEAU celebrate World Ocean’s Day 2020

Happy World Ocean’s Day from COUSTEAU. Captain Cousteau dedicated his life to the oceans, showing us its amazing beauty as well as its delicate fragility.

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Sounds of the Sea

You might think that the ocean is a pretty peaceful place beneath its surface, but that’s far from the truth. Captain Cousteau knew firsthand just

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Sea bunnies

QUICK FACTS: Lifespan: A few months to a year. Group: Nudibranch (sea slugs) Found: In places like the Philippines, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Australia Colors:

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Immortal Jellyfish

  What if a white-haired, stooped over, 100-year old man could turn himself back into a child? Then, the child grows up into an old

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Danger in the deep sea

It’s mind boggling to think about how deeply connected each one of us is to the deepest parts of the ocean. Even if we live

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Chambered Nautilus

If you’ve never seen a nautilus before, you may have thought that they came from a story about alien invaders, not from our very own